Play a Guitar Solo Without Thinking // Another Guitar Show Episode 2

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In our second show we discuss a number of ways you can start to develop your improvisation and guitar soloing skills without learning a tonne of songs, solo's or scales. 

We also play 'name that riff in one'... It's a shame Thomas doesn't know the name of any songs!


During this section Thomas and Andy discuss how to start soloing, and there are a lot of great points mentioned. The key takeaway is simply to 'start'! Pop on a backing track and use your minor pentatonic scale to just start playing along. There is no right or wrong with this process, as you are developing your voice. Below we have a few of the key tips Andy and Thomas mentioned as well as the scale shapes they talked about to get you started.


  • Tip #1: Think melody. Try to play notes in a way a singer would sing, with breaks and vibrato.

  • Tip #2: What can you get out of just 4 notes in the middle of the scale. You could even try moving up the octave to those same notes in pentatonic shape two.

  • Tip #3: Try to play horizontally as well as vertically. Take the same scale notes and put them on one string.

  • Tip #4: Get a good library of licks to utilise as starting points

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We loved this section! The five tracks were 'Highway To Hell', 'I Feel Good', 'Roll Over Beethoven', 'Immigrant Song' and 'Superstition'! If you are interested in learning these tracks, simply click the links below and we'll direct you to either the lesson on this site or at!

See a more complete writeup of this weeks episode including tutorials links 

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