Beginner Level 1 - Jam Track 1

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01 Beginner Level 1 Track 1 - E4 A4-1

In this video

Here's the performance video and downloadable audio jam track for Beginner Level 1 - Jam track 1.

In this track, we're playing twice round the E and A major chords with single strums and then down strumming on each beat of the bar for the rest of the track.


  • Play the E and A major chord for this track

  • Smooth as possible transition between each chord

  • Evenly spread down strums on each beat of the bar

Top tips

In the first 4 bars of this track, we can focus on placing the chords on the fretboard as accurately as possible and practice switching between both chords.

After this, everything comes together as we strum on each beat and change chords. Don't worry about string 6 sounding out on the A chord or any little imperfections, as the focus is on strumming and changing chords in time with the jam track! The sound of the chords and accuracy of strumming will come in time.

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Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.

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