Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes

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In this video

This video teaches how to play the acoustic guitar song "Blister In The Sun" by Violent Femmes, focusing on the single note lead line. The video also recommends more songs with single note lead lines and offers additional help on the website

Key insights

  • Importance of learning single note lead lines: adding any single note lead lines to your practice routine, especially for acoustic guitarists who primarily focus on basic open chords, is just a great way to progress to all-rounder guitar playing

  • Rolling technique for the intro riff: this allows us to smoothly transition between the G note and the third fret of string five in this case, adding speed and fluidity to the riff.

  • Muting thinner strings: mute the thinner strings with the first finger while playing the intro riff to avoid unwanted string noise

  • Chords and strumming pattern for the chorus: The chorus uses E minor, C major, and D major chords with a different strumming pattern that includes eighth note strums and a push forward on the second bar.

  • Additional riff: This riff is an octave up from the intro riff & along with the harmony played on string two, it adds that depth to the song & is a great challenge!

Timestamped highlights

00:00 Introduction to the video and the importance of learning single note lead lines.

00:44 Detailed breakdown of the intro riff with chord positions and rolling technique.

04:09 Strumming pattern and chords for the verses.

06:20 Chords and strumming pattern for the chorus.

07:52 Additional riff after the first riff with variations and harmony.

11:32 Playthrough of the song with slower tempo for practice.

An embedded YouTube video is missing from here because you have video cookies disabled.

Song structure notes

  • 2 bars of D after chorus 1 and 2

  • No break between chorus 1 and verse 2

  • Break after chorus 2 of Riff loud x 2, riff quiet x 2

  • Quiet verse 3

  • Verse 3: all quiet, 4 verses back to back

  • 1 final verse super quiet

  • Chorus 3 normal volume

  • Ending riff x 2

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