BOSS KATANA | Unboxing and amp settings

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​The Boss Katana 50 is the most popular budget guitar amp at the time of writing this blog, and has been for at least over a year now. it is used and recommended as a practice amp by pros and beginners alike, and it's recommended as the number 1 amp in most guitar stores. 

The people at Boss were kind enough to send me a Katana 100, which has a few upgrades fro the Katana 50, and I cover at those start of the video below. I was allowed to try it and see what I honestly thought of it. I have not been paid or sponsored to do this video. The views, opinions and reactions in this video are all my own and genuine.

I tried to showcase as many different tones that this amp would do, and you can see a list of amp settings and time stamps below the video!

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USA/ Canada LINK - Boss Katana 50 and 100

Amp settings

Please see the following screen shots and time stamps for what i played in this video. Hope it helps!

The following amp settings were demonstrated in the video above.

2:25 Led Zeppelin crunch with Les Paul guitar

A Led Zep style Les Paul crunch is my go to sound. To et a feel for this amp, I kept all eq settings at 12 o clock (which means they are inactive) And set the gain to the middle (12 of clock, medium gain) to hear what the amp would do naturally - and with my Seymour Duncan SH1 bridge pickup in my Les Paul guitar - I was blown away! If only I'd had this amp in my teenage years...

4:02 AC/DC Rhythm sound with SG guitar (less gain for Malcom sound)

4:29 AC/DC Angus Lead with SG

7:10 U2 'The Edge' style clean delay

9:02 Driven Clean sound (John Mayer/ Chilli Peppers style)

10:32 Auto Wha effect

10:43 Octave bass effect

10:54 'How Soon Is Now?' style Johnny Mar Tremolo effect

11:15 Hendrix style crunch with boost added

11:53 RATM style sound

​13:45 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' sounds with foot pedal

The only real reason to get the foot pedal is to change sound mid-song. If you change between each song, then just use the buttons on top

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit amp settings

01 - Intro; Clean

02 - Riff; Heavy with lots of gain!

03 - Verses; Clean with chorus effect

04 - Solo; Lead sound with chorus effect

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