Chapter 2 - Absolute Beginners Percussive Lesson

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In this video

In this lesson, Andy and Chris look at what techniques a complete beginner should learn to start their percussive fingerstyle journey. These first steps may already start to open a completely new door of guitar playing style. If this is totally new to you, this video helps to break down the techniques and stylistic approach, so you can do it yourself! 

Key learning points

  • String slaps - specifically the ‘snare’ string slap which is close to a strumming ‘down-stroke’ 

  • Put the ‘snare’ string slap into a strumming pattern, landing on beats 2 and 4

Exercise 1 - Simple but essential 'Snare' slap

  • Use the side/joint of the thumb to produce a 'slapping' or 'clicking' sound

  • Use the twist in the wrist, like a 'downstroke' when strumming

  • Aim roughly for the E, A and D strings over the sound hole

  • Work on producing some dynamics (loud/soft) and as much consistency of the sound as possible

Next Up: Chapter 3 - Percussive Belly Beats

Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.

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