Chapter 2 - Does it all start with Steve Cropper?

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In this video

In this video, Andy and Mike discus the origins of the Hendrix style of seamlessly jumping from rhythm to lead with soulful, interesting parts that are a blast to play.

We argue that perhaps this all stems from the playing of Steve Cropper.

Cropper was the guitarist and songwriter in many classic Stax records. He was a founding member of the Stax House Band and was the co-writer and guitarist on countless classic recordings such as;

  • (Sitting on) the dock of the bay

  • Soul Man

  • Knock on wood

  • In the midnight hour

  • Green Onions

Cropper's playing can be described as having melody, phrasing, timing, arranging, restraint, and coming up with parts that are a blast to play. And he manages to do it all with fewer notes than anyone else! He is one of the earliest and most prolific examples for exquisitely crafted rhythm and lead guitar parts and was a huge influence on Hendrix and countless other players.

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