Christmas Special // Another Guitar Show Episode 3

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It's Christmas, and that can only mean one thing for guitar players... Jazzy chords and dodgy guitar presents! 

In this episode, as well as playing through some Christmas crooner classics, we talk about great gifts you can buy for guitarists at Christmas time!

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Today the guys are talking about great little gifts for guitar players over Christmas. We all know that your loved ones would like to get you some guitar related gifts, and you can get some great things to buy, no matter your budget. Here's a great list for you:


We did two arrangements of classic Christmas tunes, White Christmas & The Christmas Song. We'll be doing full lessons of these tunes for you. 

To help you get started though, you can use the scales below to work out the melody of each of the songs. For 'The Christmas Song' we use the scale of C# major, and for 'White Christmas' we are using the G major scale across the neck. 

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