5 barre chord CHEATS you should know

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Here's all the most common barre chord alternatives, used by the pros as well as beginners!

Don't let the word 'CHEATS' make you think this is a watered down lesson. Rest assured, all of these are well used techniques that all pros use - many just happen to be quite easy!

See full TAB and chord charts further down this page.

Before we get on to the video - don't forget your chord playing basics!

  • ​Keep the elbow of your chord playing hand into your body

  • Barre using the side of your first finger closest to the thumb

  • Keep the 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers right on the tips, curling the finger tips to a 45 degree angle to the fretboard

B minor chord aka Bm (1:40 in the video)

Plus common chord progressions.

F chord (4:52 in the video)

F minor chord aka Fm (6:54 in the video)

C minor chord aka Cm (9:15 in the video)

All the chords in the key of E (12:07 in the video)

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