Course Trailer - Learn Home Recording With Garageband

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Learn the principles of home recording with Garageband, Andy's recommended recording software. Course live NOW exclusive to AAA members.

Course Trailer - Learn Home Recording With Garageband

For the first time ever, I am giving a complete guide to home recording with a brand new video series.

In it, we'll look at the principles and techniques you need to get started or level up your recording and production - all from home!

Computer - Laptop - iPad - iPhone - all covered!

This course also introduces and explains effects and audio processing techniques such as reverb, compression and EQ plus covers advanced techniques such as mastering, all from a production perspective.

You will learn how to set up a session to record acoustic and electric guitars, record vocals and layers of backing vocal harmonies, use virtual studio instruments with a MIDI sequencer and even create your own drum beats with pre-installed drum sounds.

And we don’t stop at the basics! This course also shows me recording a full length song track by track with guitars, vocals, harmonies and studio instruments. Be a fly on the wall to see how this can be done and how YOU can do this for yourself!

Sample Video - Recording Electric Guitars

Throughout this course, Andy covers the fundamentals of recording and music production. Whether you have Garageband or not, you’ll have the principals to use any other music production software with ease.

  • 20 full HD video tutorials
  • 100% exclusive lessons - not available anywhere else!
  • Purchase unlocks this course on website and Andy Guitar APP
  • Stream to smart TVs using Chrome cast or similar

Home Recording not only gives you the ability to track your progress and improve your playing, it gives you a tangible result for all your hard work - a finished recording. Recording covers and original music has been a huge part of why I stuck with playing guitar and making music through the years. The sense of achievement is huge - there's really nothing like it!

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