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Transform the way you perform with British singer-songwriter and expert teacher Hannah Dorman!

In this exclusive video series, Hannah walks you through the essential tips, tricks and techniques she uses to perform live and sing at her best. Hannah has years of experience performing live on stage, on camera and in the studio. Together with Andy, she has put together this course to help you improve your musical performance - whatever your level!

This course has been designed by Hannah and Andy to help you;

  • gain the confidence to perform at your best in front of others

  • overcome nerves, anxiety and stage fright associated with any kind of music performance

  • have what it takes to perform on stage in front of a live audience

  • perform better when singing and playing guitar at the same time!

Whatever you goals, playing music is a performance skill. Whether you dream of performing on stage, or dread even playing guitar in front of your dog! - this course has the potential to build your confidence and skills in all areas of playing live and/ or singing. The course particularly focuses how to prepare and excel when you perform in front of others; be it on stage, on camera or for home recording.

Who is Hannah Dorman?

Hannah is a full time musician with years of training and experience in singing, songwriting and performance. She studied at the prestigious Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guildford and has been releasing singles and EPs on Spotify since 2015, which in total have accumulated over half a million streams.

She performs live regularly alongside creating an array of content for her YouTube channel with videos on music, fashion & lifestyle tips. Hannah is a fellow Faith Guitars brand artist and endorsee. She also has a huge following on TikTok with 230,000 followers and counting. Links to Hannahs socials at the bottom of this page!

Hannah's links!

Hannah on TIKTOK

Hannah on Youtube

Hannah on instagram

hannah on soundcloud

Hannah on Andertons TV with her original song - Alone

Hannah with Andy performing You Oughta Know

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Course Available NOW exclusively for AAA members only

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