Day 2 - Free Ukulele Starter Course

Welcome to day 2 of this free 10 day Ukulele starter course!

In this lesson, we're wasting no time and learning a modern Ukulele classic song; Rip Tide by Vance Joy!

This song uses just three chords for most of the song, which most people will have no problem changing between. It is the strumming that will be more challenging for many people. Follow my guidance in the video and you should be fine. If you struggle, try more of the suggested songs at the end of my day 1 video to get your confidence up, then come back to this to give it another shot!

New Chord for Day 2!

The A minor chord is sometimes written Am for short.

Other chords needed

Day 2 Strumming Patterns

See animated strumming patterns via the chord sheet link below! But as a reminder;

Pattern 1 (Intro, verses and pre chorus)


Pattern 2 (Chorus and bridge)


Day 2 Song - Rip Tide by Vance Joy

Unfortunately, for copyright reasons I cannot display the chords and lyrics to any commercial songs on this website at this time. However, I can link to external sites where you can view the chords and lyrics to songs in this course for free!

Rip tide by Vance Joy chord sheet link includes strumming help!

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