Day 3 - 8th strumming and 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley with just the chords E, A and D

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Welcome to Day 3 of this 10 day acoustic guitar series where we'll be checking out how to play the beginners classic 'Three little Birds' by Bob Marley!

This really cool easy guitar song uses just 3 chords, E major, A major and D major - click the highlighted links if you need more help with any of those chords, or check out the previous lessons in this 10 day course!

This song has been chosen not only because it's an easy popular song, but because it is a longer sequence than we've gone for previously. Many beginners struggle to keep track of where they are when chord sheets and songs become longer. This lesson is therefore an essential stepping stone for most beginners and not want to be missed!

*NEW* See the 'Jam along' video with live on screen chords for the full song further down this page!

> Printable chords + lyrics sheet for this song - click here

For more help changing between the E, A & D major chords - see this lesson from my full beginners course!

Click here for a full lesson on this strumming pattern from my beginners course!

​Full free tutorial for the reggae style 'off-beat' strumming pattern in my Beginners Course here

*NEW EDIT* Jam along video now with live on screen chords!

Once you’ve completed the lesson, test your new skills by jamming along to Andy to the FULL song in the video below. Now features chords and chord progression live on screen as you play - check it out!

> Printable chords + lyrics sheet for this song - click here

What’s next?

If you’ve successfully played along with Andy in the full demo video above, you’re ready to move on to Day 4 of this Starter Course where we’ll be checking out a NEW chord and another easy song PLUS a new easy melody!

If you’ve found you struggle, you may wish to checkout Level 2 of Andy’s online Beginners Course where the A to D change, strumming, finger stretching and single note playing more in depth- see the links below.

Next Up: Day 4 - Your first guitar riff! 'Wild Thing' by The Troggs

Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.