Day 3 - Free Ukulele Starter Course

Welcome to day 3 where we're looking at Four chord songs in the key of C!

Think of this as a how to play loads of songs with four easy chords lesson, which is what most people want to learn! We'll be covering more about what the Key of C means in tomorrows lesson.

Day 3 chords


Day 3 Music Theory - Why these chords?

The chords listed above are all in what musicians call the 'key of C'. A musical 'key' is like a family of chords that sound right in any progression. Just like some colours go together well, so do some chords go together well, but also many do not. This is another reason why I recommend you learn fewer chords and more songs with the few chords you know so you can make the most of all the early days of playing your Ukulele or any instrument you can play chords on.

Day 3 Songs

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours chord sheet link

Train - Hey Soul Sister chord sheet link

Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love? chord sheet link chords shown in key of F

The Beatles - Let It Be chord sheet link 

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