Day 4 - Free Ukulele Starter Course

Welcome to day 4 where we'll be using the same chords was already know to play loads more songs!

The songs in this lesson are all in the key of A minor (sometimes written Am for short).

Day 4 Chords - Key of C major continued


Day 4 Music Theory

A great way to understand musical keys is to understand cadences. A cadence is describes the feel of how a musical phrase finishes. At it's most basic, chord progressions can sound resolved or unresolved. This goes a long way to explaining why music and songs have such emotional resonance with us. Understand cadences and you'll understand how musical keys and songs work. Here are the main examples of cadences that you need to know;

Perfect Cadence; C - G - C

Imperfect Cadence; C - C - G

Prefect Cadence aka 'Amen Cadence'; C - F - C

The key of C also has the same chords as the key of Am

Key of A minor (same chords as key of C)

Songs for Day 4

More four chord song examples in the next lesson!

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