Day 5 - Free Ukulele Starter Course

Welcome to day 5 of this free 10 day Ukulele course where we're learning a new chord and we're changing key!

This lesson is all about the key of G. This means that songs in the key of G use the chords G, D, Em and C major for the majority of the song.

Day 5 chords - The Key of G


Song 1 - Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

Main chord progression |D  |C  |G  |D  |

Brown Eyed Girl chord sheet link

Strumming pattern

The pattern used here is the most common strumming pattern EVER - useful when we want to play 100s of songs!

Most common strumming ever

Song 2 - Knockin' On Heavens Door by Bob Dylan

Knockin' On Heavens Door free chord sheet link

Key of G has the same chords as the key of E Minor

Key of G is also the same as the key of E minor, they are the relative major and minor and have the same chords.

Key of E minor example

|Em   |C  |G  |D   |

Other songs with the same chords

These songs are all in the key of G or the key of E mino

'Four Chord' Songs

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