Day 6 - Fingerstyle introduction, minor chords and 'Ain't No Sunshine' by Bill Withers

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Hi guys, welcome to Day 6 of this Guitar Starter Course where we'll be checking out how to play fingerstyle guitar! This is where we don't use a pick and is also known as fingerpicking!

The song we're using as an example of fingerstyle is 'Ain't No Sunshine' by Bill Withers!

This really cool easy guitar song uses 3 open minor chords, E minor, A minor and D minor - click the highlighted links if you need more help with any of those chords, or check out the previous lessons in this 10 day course.

Remember, if you're totally new to guitar, then all we're looking at is the simple strumming version of this song. The fingerpicking stuff is more advanced. If you struggle with the fingerstyle, move on for now a revisit this section after completing the full 10 days. Don't let it slow your overall progress!

Minor Chords

Chord photos from Andy’s Beginners Course book, available in print & as an ebook (found on the Beginners Course lesson pages!)

Full chords/ lyrics sheet

Click this link to view the full chords/ lyrics sheet for this song!

Song 6 - Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers

Once you’ve completed the lesson from the video above, watch Andy demonstrate the full song and play along using this video!

An embedded YouTube video is missing from here because you have video cookies disabled.

Full chords/ lyrics sheet

Click this linkto view the full chords/ lyrics sheet for this song.

What’s next?

If you’ve successfully played along with Andy in the full demo video above, you’re ready to move on to Day 7 of this Starter Course where we’ll be checking out how to play something called '4 chord songs'!

If you've found you struggle, you may wish to checkout the previous days in this course OR check out Andy's online Beginners Course, which is far more comprehensive than this starter course and includes over 150+ free song tutorials!

Next Up: Day 7 - Key of G '4 Chord Songs' and 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz

Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.

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