FAITH Neptune Cutaway/Electro - Review and Demo

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The good folks at Faith wanted to send me a premium level guitar to use in my videos. They suggested I check out their entire range and see if there was any that I thought stuck out. After try a fair few wonderful guitars, I settled on this stunning Neptune! 

As i mention in the video, nothing beats trying out a range of guitars for yourself at the guitar shop and seeing the detail that makes the difference. Many guitars look identical from photos or videos. In real life, this guitar just screams quality. 

I have had the pleasure of properly recording this guitar for the play along tracks that come with my new Improver Guitar Course. I have to say I have never known a guitar that records so well. The sound and tone that I use to chase back in the day is here straight away, 'sound at source' as they say. 

This will undoubtedly become my main acoustic guitar for all my acoustic video lessons, and occasionally I'll feature the Nomad where possible!

Check out the specifications and geeky stuff for this amazing guitar (now updated to 2017 model) on Faith's official website here