Fingers HURT from playing guitar? Try THIS!

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In this video we look at the common causes for painful finger tips from playing guitar - and how to STOP IT!

One of the complaints I get most often from beginner guitar players is that they can't practice for long because the tip of their fingers start hurting very quickly.

What if I told you that there is a surefire way to stop this? Not only that, the technique below will also improve your playing, speed of chord placement changes and will mean you can play for longer!

First, here are some facts when it comes to finger pain from playing guitar

  • If you haven't played in a couple of week, you're starting from scratch

  • electric is easier than acoustic

  • not all acoustics are the same - setup matters

  • holding down chords will hurt for a while

With that in mind, here's my top 5 tips for less painful finger tips!

  1. press down less hard, just enough to get the note ringing out but no more

  2. use good positioning with your fretting fingers right up against the frets

  3. play little and often, rather than for hours only once a week

  4. learn some single note melodies, not just chords

  5. mix it up - something hurting? Stop that and play something different!

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