First Cut Is The Deepest - Cat Stevens/ Sheryl Crow/ Rod Stewart

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In this video, I take you through how to play The First Cut Is The Deepest by Cat Stevens. 

Beginners can learn a strumming version of his song with three easy guitar chords.

Intermediate players may wish to focus on the lead part in the intro and verses, which uses triads for the G, D and C major chords!

 >> Learn more about triads in Andy's Intermediate Course here

Adding a new dimension to this tutorial - I also talk you through the other popular versions by Sheryl Crow and Rod Stewart, which are in different keys. 

See an explanation of that plus chord sheet links under the video!

Cat Stevens version

Musical key: G major

Chords used: G major, D major and C major

 >> Chord sheet link

Sheryl Crow version

This version is great for a female vocal range, which is mostly why the key is different in this version!

Musical key: D major

Chords used: D major, A major and G major

>> Chord sheet link

Rod Stewart version

Musical key: C major

Chords used: C major, G major and F major

 >> Chord sheet link

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