How to pickup and just play on acoustic!

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In this video

In this video we look at 5 ideas of how to pick up the guitar & just start playing! This strays into the idea of playing with more freedom & 'flow state' and uses a looper pedal to make this easy for anyone to do.

This essentially shows a side to guitar which is more fun and engaging than sometimes technique based exercises or following tab can be - however, the goal here is to have most if not all of these skills in order to be a well rounded player & to get the most out of playing!

The 5 main tips:

  1. Pick a chord

  2. Create a riff with embellishments, a sense of rhythm and melody

  3. Change chord to another diatonic chord, or NOT!

  4. Loop a progression

  5. Play lead over this choosing arpeggio, melody or licks

Did you enjoy this style of video & need more help with technique?

Check out Andy's Technique Tune Ups at the link below to get help that and much more!

ANDY'S Technique tune ups

Technique Tune Ups includes;

  • Quick warm up ideas

  • Bite sized strumming & lead guitar tips

  • Technique focussed concepts

  • Weekly videos!

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