How to play Acoustic Guitar for Beginners // Another Guitar Show Episode 6

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In this episode we look at how to play guitar for absolute beginners!

Wether you're learning acoustic or electric guitar, this video covers everything you need to know when you first get started on guitar, no matter what genre!

We even go so far as to prove it - by playing guitar left handed!! This way, we're putting ourselves in the same position as any beginner and seeing what WE can and can't play.

What can we play left handed? Find out in the video! 

​Where to start as an absolute beginner?

I have created many beginner guitar lessons on YouTube over the last 10 years, plus 100s of easy songs tutorials. 

However, these are the best learning pathways I can offer you if you want to follow my online lessons;

Learn Guitar in 10 days

This is my most popular lesson series. It teaches a song a day for 10 days. The intention is to get you to pick up your guitar for as close to every day

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Andy's Beginner Guitar Course

This is my full beginner syllabus, which includes all the chords, strumming patterns, techniques AND practice routines. 

This series also includes well over 100 FREE song tutorials with links to recommend online chord sheets so you can learn songs all the way through. 

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