How to start your own YouTube channel

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Ever fancied doing my job? 

Think you have what it takes to start a YouTube channel and build an audience? 

Here's a video that I did with WaterBear music college in Brighton where I give my top 5 tips on how to start a Youtube channel and some ideas on how to make it a success. 

Big thanks to Bruce Dickinson for inviting me down to the college. Looking forward to doing more videos with these guys!

► 5 Top Tips:
1. If you haven't started yet, start and see whether it's for you.
2. Once you film something, you don't have to upload it that day.
3. People like to see progression, not perfection.
4. Try and make evergreen content as well as topical content.
5. Start with whatever equipment you have. Make your videos look as good as you can with what you have.