How to teach yourself guitar

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Should I master 1 thing song/ chord/ exercise before moving on?

Or is it ok to move on before I can really nail something?

If you learn just 1 thing at a time it will take longer, you need song & exercises that will work on multiple things at once. However, if you're asking yourself this questions - there is a crucial thing missing for your guitar playing...

You have to measure your progress; daily, weekly, monthly, yearly,

Otherwise you are BLIND to the small improvements you are making, or unaware that you aren’t making enough progress and need to change things up!

5 easy ways of measuring your progress yourself that take no knowledge or expertise;

  • Video yourself playing guitar
  • Play along to records
  • Time your changes between chords
  • Perform! to friends, family, open mic nights
  • Jam with friends - peer pressure works!

Short of time? Here's 2 massive principals of learning guitar that I work from;

If you are short of time, work on the technical aspects of playing

If you have more time, work on your ear training