Lead Guitar with the Major Scale - Introduction

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Welcome to this free lead guitar course where we're looking at how to solo using the Major Scale on acoustic guitar. Everything in this free course can be played on any Electric Guitar too, I’ll just be using the acoustic in the videos and made this course with acoustic guitarists in mind.

This is ideal for anyone wanting to learn how to improvise to create solos over major key chord sequences, or if you want to learn the techniques to enable you to play higher level guitar solos.

Please note, this course is at an intermediate level, so it is NOT easy. Anyone totally new to play single notes on guitar should begin with this lesson on the C major scale in open position

Ebook and backing tracks that accompany this course are now available for free on these lesson pages when you unlock this free course!

What you should know before taking this course

This course is at an intermediate level. You should therefore be comfortable with the following knowledge and skills before taking this course;

Click any of the links above to watch free lessons on each of these areas to get you ready for this course!

Next Up: Major Lead 01 - Major Scale Position 1

Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.

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