Acoustic Looper Jam 1 in C - Happy major vibes

Beginner option (2:26)

  • Play a C chord on the beat and create a two bar loop of this
  • For a bassline, play the C major major scale descending from the root
  • For a lead part, begin by playing the C major scale ascending from the C bass note just on the beat and play this up and down

Strumming pattern (04:25)

Beginners should focus on just getting the rhythm and the downs and ups correct. Intermediate players should pay close attention to the strings they are strumming to recreate the feel, as shown in the video tutorial and the interactive tab (available in the premium version of this lesson page).

Intermediate rhythm (06:14)

  • Create a loop of a C chord then and Fmaj7 chord (1 bar of each) with the strumming pattern written above
  • Add the bassline, then try adding the lead suggestions, written below
  • Add percussive hits (07:30 in the video)
  • If desired, try to recreate these in one guitar part using the interactive tab below (shown at 6:17 in the video)

Intermediate+ lead (05:50 and 08:46)

Intermediate level and above players should solo higher up the neck. As a suggestion, start by using the C major pentatonic scale (pattern 5) or Major scale (pattern 1). See interactive tab for Andy's improvised example solo further down this page.

Next Up: Acoustic Looper Jam 2 in C# - No barre chords needed!

Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.

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