Lead Guitar Lesson 10 - Putting It All Together and Song 10

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Welcome to day 10 - the final day of this 10 day lead guitar challenge!

In this lesson we'll be combining various techniques that we've looked at over the past 10 lessons. These include;

  • String bending/Unison bends

  • Slides

  • Faster picking

The lead line we'll be looking at today is from the song Sex On Fire by Kings Of Leon. This song is undoubtedly one of the biggest Indie songs of the past 20 years and was always certain to make the setlist of my previous cover band!

In the lesson video, we'll look at a simplified way to play the chorus lead line, plus the full way it is played by the band. This 'as the record' version requires all the core techniques to be mastered to sound good, so it is not expected that this will be doable right away.

Just like all 10 lessons in this series, it is best to cover the items from the lesson, but only look to master them after all 10 days are completed so you have a full overview of what is expected and required to be able to play great lead guitar. There is no rush now, but regular practice will be needed to keep up your new guitar skills.

Lead part - Simplified version

The fretboard diagram below details all the notes included in the simplified version of this great lead line.

For the first section of the lead line:

  • Open first string, the E note, is played 8 times

  • Followed by the 7th fret played 8 times

  • 11th fret played 8 times

  • Finally, the 9th fret of string 2, another 8 times

For this second section we play:

  • Play string 1 two times on the 11th fret

  • Then we play string 1 one more time on the 9th fret

Finally, the same picking pattern of the notes

  • Play string 1 two times on the 11th fret

  • But this time round we play string 2 one time on the 9th fret

This whole lead part plays through every chorus of the song, so plenty opportunities to rock the lead playing!

Lead part - Full version

The full version of this lead line does a similar thing but on pairs of strings.

Full version tips

  • Each pair of notes is played 8 times in total

  • The 3rd part of the full riff is the only part that doesn't have an open string 1 but a fretted string 1 at the 11th fret

  • Try to have the thicker strings, 4, 5 and 6 muted, so even if they are strummed they won't sound out


  • For this first part (diagram 1.) we use the second finger to fret the 5th fret of the second string. These are both E notes so they sound the same

  • Then, still with second finger, slide up to the 12th fret on string 2 (diagram 2.)

  • The slide starts at the 6th/7th strum, as this gives us time to get to the 12th fret and to be on time with beat 1 of the next section


With our middle finger on the 12th fret of string 2 we have the first finger ready and available to be placed on the 11th fret of string 1 (diagram 3)


First finger lifts off, then a quick jump to the 9th fret of string 2 with our middle finger (diagram 4)


The last two diagrams below detail exactly the end of this riff as shown in the simplified version and use the same picking patterns.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with combining the full version and simplified version as they sound great together and the notes are still correct!

This last diagram below shows where the unison bend is on the fretboard. This can always be revisited after developing more finger strength from practicing the string bending in Day 3 and more!

  • The bend starts at the 14th fret of string 2 using the 3rd finger (with first finger 11th fret of the first string)

  • The first finger can be used as a push point from the 11th fret with the second supporting the 3rd finger as you bend the string

  • This is a full bend up to the 16th fret (D# sharp note) which is the same note as the 11th fret on the first string. This gives the string bending technique its name - 'unison bend'

  • We bend up twice and then return

  • This is repeated again, but finishes on 9th fret of string 2 with the open E note underneath

The lesson video really helps to makes this particular part clear but we can also use our ears to always check it sounds the same as the simplified version or the same as the original recording.

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