Lead Guitar Lesson 6 - Slides and Song 6

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Welcome to day 6 of this free 10 day lead guitar challenge!

In this lesson, we'll learn look at how to add expression to lead lines by sliding between notes and moving horizontally along the neck. We'll then learn the lead part from the song 'Reptilia' by The Strokes!

The framework for this awesome lead line is the pentatonic scale (full scale shown below). This is just shape 1 of the pentatonic shapes around the neck and is a great tool to use when starting to apply sliding into our playing. Once we identify the notes all around the neck, as there are only 5 in the pentatonic scale, we can use slides to open up different positions!

B minor pentatonic - shape 1

Lead part

The first section of this lead part fits within the B minor pentatonic.

  • On the D note (7th fret string 3) we down-pick twice, mute and then pick once more

  • We mute the strings after a pause to stop any unwanted sounds - this is a really quick action using our picking hand to stop the strings vibrating

  • Next, one pick of the B note (9th fret string 4) and one A note (7th fret string 4)

  • Repeat again all notes before moving to the next section

The second section of this lead part breaks out of the B minor pentatonic shape slightly but stays on string 4.

  • Place the first finger on the 6th fret and down-pick

  • Slide with the first finger into fret 9 (B note) and down-pick

  • Using our 3rd finger we stretch over to the 12th fret

  • And repeat again to complete the phrase!

Single string melodies and lead lines are important to use to help break out of 'box' shapes, such as the pentatonic shape. We can then use slides to add flair and musical qualities to our single string playing.

Accompanying chords tips

  • The chords under this lead line are B minor and E major barre chords. However, we can also use the capo on the 7th fret and use open E minor and A major shapes.

  • This is a quick strumming example, so we need to try to have a relaxed chord playing hand to get up to speed. The '1-and-2-and-3-and-4-and' rhythm we are looking for is a very straight rhythm and all down-stroked.

  • Build up to this tempo at your own speed, trying to get really even gaps between each beat, as this will help with future rhythm playing (and with the Day 7 challenge!)

Building up the tempo

  • Starting at 50% tempo, this may seem quite slow but allows us to concentrate on getting that slide under the fingers

  • Then, build up to 75% and relax into the rhythm as it becomes easier to feel at a higher tempo and is a great one to jam along to!


  • We looked at the B minor pentatonic shape 1, which is certainly a shape every guitar player should be familiar with

  • Breaking out of the shape is a good way to add flavour to our lead playing, if we choose notes in the scale on just one string or notes that work within a certain chord

  • Finally, use the slide to access these notes on single strings for extra guitar playing flair

Once this lesson is completed, try out Day 7 where we look at something a little bit different...See you there!

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Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.

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