Learn To Shred with Sam Bell - Introduction

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Learn how to build real speed on electric guitar with shred maestro Sam Bell!

In this course, we take a look at the principals of building speed on the guitar. While these principals of speed can be applied to any genre, this course focuses primarily on shred guitar. The study pieces in this course go from pentatonic rock legato patterns to full on Neo-classical shred sequences!

Who is Sam Bell?

I (Andy writing this!) have been lucky enough to get to know Sam well through my work at Waterbear Music College in Brighton. Sam is among the most well respected players and teachers in the modern rock scene.

Put simply - there are very few people worldwide who are better equipped to learn how to play shred guitar from!

I'm thrilled to have Sam on board teaching some advanced lead guitar courses exclusively for Andy Guitar AAA members.

As an introduction to what Sam can do - here's a video from Sams Youtube channel where he has a 15 minute jam with Paul Gilbert himself!

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What is 'Interactive tab'?

Every rhythm and lead part in this course is fully tabbed using interactive TAB synced to a video of that guitar part. With this feature you can see exactly what note is being played and by which finger in real time. Turn on the fretboard graphic to see what note and scale shape is being used - all in real time.

Basically - it's the ultimate way to learn lead guitar!

A crucial part of building speed is starting slow and increasing the tempo gradually without losing the timing or technique that the part requires to be correct. With interactive tab, you can slow down the video and tab to learn it correctly, then pay along and build the speed back up until you have mastered even the fastest of licks. You can loop sections, and even click on a note to see exactly what the fingers are doing to play that give note or part.

This interactive tab in available for nearly all premium courses as part of the new Andy Guitar AAA membership.

Next Up: Lesson 1 - Pentatonic Sequence 1

Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.

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