Learning a FAST Guitar Solo - Easier Than You THINK? (REACTION + Tutorial)

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In this video

In this video I show you one of my favourite solos that I've been learning recently, which happens to be an improvised solo by my buddy Mike Bradley!

The video I watch is part of this course that Mike and I filmed this time last year. Believe me when I tell you that when he played this solo - it absolutely blew me away!

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See more info below the video, but let's get right into this - you're gonna want to watch it!

In this solo, Mike mainly uses E minor pentatonic licks and super fast runs that move between positions. See a diagram below to help with learning the 5 minor pentatonic shapes, plus Mike's full improvised solo all tabbed out further down this page!

Mike's Pentatonic run

Here's the pentatonic run from Mike's improvised solo, which is the main focus of my video.

The second note of each pattern of 3 is played with a hammer on, and the last note of each pattern of 3 is plucked with the middle finger of the right hand.

E minor pentatonic scale - all 5 shapes

Each colour indicates a different shape. Notice the same shapes are repeated 12 frets up the neck, but which are an octave higher in pitch.

Blue = position 1. Light blue = position 2. Green = position 3. Orange = position 4. Red = position 5

Learn Andy's riff!

The main riff, played by Andy, is based on the E blues scale, which you can learn here

Watch the full lesson video!

The video below is the one I was reacting to. It is from a course we filmed together 1 year ago called Mike & Andy's Jamming Masterclass where we cover all the essential of learning to jam, come up with riffs and improvise KILLER lead guitar solos like this!

What is 'Interactive TAB'?

Every rhythm and lead part in Andy's premium courses is fully tabbed using interactive TAB synced to a video of that guitar part. With this feature you can see exactly what note is being played and by which finger in real time. Turn on the fretboard graphic to see what note and scale shape is being used - all in real time!

Lick too fast? You can slow down the video and tab and loop a section, then pay along and build the speed back up until you have mastered even the fastest of licks. Basically - it's the ultimate way to learn lead guitar!

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