Lesson 1 - How to read TAB and Song 1

Here’s our first simple song, Hot Crossed Buns. It’s worth checking that you understand how to play this melody fully and understand how it is written before moving on to some of the more popular pieces in this course. It’s also an opportunity to get used to reading guitar TAB (short for Tablature) 

​Song 1 - Hot Cross Buns

Reading TAB 

The numbers above show the fret numbers you should play on which string. We choose which finger we use depending on the situation. 

The video that accompanies this lesson shows which finger to use to play each note. 

Reading rhythms in TAB 

Not all guitar TAB shows rhythms, but each TAB in this course does. 

The first two notes (written ‘4’ and ‘2’) last one beats, known as a Quarter Note as it lasts a quarter of the bar. 

The third note (written 0’) lasts two beats, known as a Half Note as it lasts half a bar.

​Get the songbook!

Get the TAB for every song in this course in a beautifully printed full colour songbook along with more help and guidance from Andy.

Ideal for those who like to have the TAB in a book open in front of them while watching the videos on full screen!

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Next Up: Lesson 2 - Happy Birthday

Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.

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