Lesson 1 - Easy Power Chords E5 and A5

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Welcome to lesson 1 of this Electric Guitar Starter Course!

In this lesson, I will show you how to play the two easiest power chords on guitar. We will then learn an easy riff and play it along to a rock style backing track!

Playing along to the jam tracks is so important as this check your timing, improves your skills and is the part of guitar that is the most fun!

NEW interactive TAB for this lesson is available with the premium version of this course.

E5 Power Chord


FAQ! - The diagrams here show that two strings are strummed and one string is being pressed down. In the video, I demo these chords, plus the three string version of them (rather than two). This doesn't change the name of the chord, or the sound of it - both the 2 and 3 string versions are still power chords. Both versions are equally common, and most people have a personal preference to one or the other. If you're unsure, I recommend sticking to the two string version for now, as shown in the diagrams here!

A5 Power Chord

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