Play TEN songs with easy Minor Chords

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In this simple beginners guitar lesson, we look at how to play the three easy minor guitar chords, E minor, A minor, and D minor. I also waffle on about the difference between major and minor and how they are related.

When you see an ‘m' after the name of the chord, it means that it is a minor chord, sometimes it's written 'min' - so if it's 'm', 'min' or 'minor' it's all the same thing. The three chords we looked at in the previous stage are all major chords, but you don't have to say, for instance, ‘A Major' every time; major chords are so common that you can just say ‘A'.

One of these minor chords will likely crop up in any song that has more than 3 chords in it, so this is a chance to master them on their own first!

 What is a 'minor' chord?

Minor chords can be easier than the major chords we've learned. However, they sound very much 'sad' and are therefore less common than 'happy' major chords.

eminor Notice that this is almost the same as E major, except that one finger is missing. It is that string that makes the whole chord sound happy or sad- so make sure it rings out!

Here are the chord boxes for the other chords Am and Dm. Remember: don't play the strings with an X- just like with A and D major!


Most people find D minor MUCH tougher, especially for changing. This is fine, it just takes a little longer than the other two. The important thing is that the correct strings ALWAYS ring out- so remember those TOP TIPS!

Top tips to keep your chords sounding great!

  • Press down strings with the tips of your fingers only
  • Use a pick! Picks give a clearer sound. Use a thin one (.38mm) to begin with!
  • Don’t play any strings with an X
  • Don’t touch the underside of your guitar with the palm your chord hand- this will mute the thinnest E string!
  • Strumming for Level 4

    Here we look at Reggae style 'Of Beat' strumming. Even if you're not a reggae fan as such, this really sorts the men from the boys rhythm wise and is REALLY strange at first for most people. Whats the fuss about? Have a look and see for yourself here- Reggae style Strumming lesson

    OR check out any of the songs you can play with just these three easy chords!

    • Song 1- Aint No Sunshine by Bill Withers
    • Song 2- Natural Mystic by Bob Marley
    • Song 3- Songbird by Oasis
    • Song 4- Like I Love You by Justin Timberlake
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