Lesson 10 - Canon in D

Canon in D is a very famous classical piece, arguably one of the greatest classical pieces of all time, Cannon in D by Pachelbel.

Song 10 - Canon in D

This is the first in this course where we’ll be adding a bass note and then chords. We do much more of this in my follow on Fingerstyle Course. However, this is a perfect starting point for anyone wanting to go down this route in any style within the fingerpicking genre. This will take longer than the rest to complete the TAB, but we’ll start off super simple and layer it as we go. Each line will have the same melody and even chords, we’ll just start simple and add something extra on each new line.

What is a ‘bass note’?

A bass note aka root note is the lowest note of a chord. It also gives the chord it’s name i.e. D chord has a D root note - the open D string! It can usually also played by the bass player in a band, but the same term is used to describe the lowest note in all guitar chords.

Scary chord names 

There are some pretty scary looking chord names in the TAB for this one, but they are actually pretty easy to play i.e. no barre chords! 

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