Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers

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In this beginners guitar lesson, I talk through how to play the Bill Withers song Ain't No Sunshine. This uses the 3 easy minor chords Em, Am, and Dm covered in the previous lesson. There's not many songs that use just minor chords, but this is a good one that does! One of these minor chords will likely crop up in any song that has more than 3 chords in it, so this is a chance to master them on their own first!

You can view the TAB for free and even download it for $4.99 from this webpage. This TAB and chords/ lyrics sheet was written by me and is 100% accurate to BOTH videos below (I used it while filming the lessons!). 

This is something new that I'm trying out. I can understand that paying for EVERY chord sheet or TAB would add up over time, so I'm going to keep them free to view online. But for these longer, in depth lessons where people want to download the TAB, this is the only way I can legally do it due to copyright.

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