Lesson 9 - Full chords and 'Firework' // 10 Songs in 10 Days for KIDS

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Day 9 - Full open chords and 'Firework' by Katy Perry

Welcome to LESSON 9 of my series Learn 10 songs in 10 days for KIDS!

This video will show you how to play 'Firework' by Katy Perry, which is the first song that I would encourage everyone to have a go at the FULL chord options!

This is the perfect song to try out a FULL G major chord along with the other chords in this song. You could even go back and try out other songs you have learned with these new full chords if you wish! These chords will also be needed if you wish to try out the bonus videos in this series and also Andy's other beginner song tutorials on the website, app and YouTube channel, so give them a go!

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FULL chord options

If you have worked through each lesson so far, I encourage you to have a go at these full chord options, you may be ready for them! You always have the easier chord options below to use instead if you wish.

Easier chord options

Use these chord options if you feel you are not ready for the full chord options above (totally fine!)

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