Easy Blues/ Rock n Roll Riff

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The most common Blues shuffle riff (See a video on How to Read TAB)

Blues riff in E



12 bar blues in A

(Similar to Johnny Be Goode by Chuck Berry and Keep Your Hands To Yourself by Georgia Satellites)

This is a very common chord sequence and uses all the chords we know so far in a longer sequence, known as a 12 bar blues (Its 12 bars long and used a lot in blues music as well as other genres such as rock and

12 bar blues in A- play with the riffs below

||A5               |A5                 |A5                 |A5                 |

|D5                 |D5                 |A5                   |A5                 |

|E5                  |E5                  |A5                 |A5                 ||

Blues riff in D standardBlues riff in E