Major Lead 03 - 3 Note Patterns For Technique & Improvisation

A pattern is a sequence of notes which is repeated, but each repetition begins from a different note. This technique is often used in melody writing and improvisation and is great for technique too.

Here we’ll look at two common patterns, but there are many others that can be used. Each pattern here just uses the major scale notes we have already learned. I’ll describe how each pattern is played, but we’ll need to follow the TAB to ensure you are playing each one correctly.

#1 - Three Note Pattern Octave 1

We’ll start by just covering this 3 note pattern with the 3 octaves from the previous lesson, here’s octave 1.

In each of these patterns we play three notes of the major scale, then go back one, then the next three notes from there, back one, three notes etc. The TAB should be followed to check you are playing it correctly.

#2 - Three Note Pattern Octave 2

#3 - Three Note Pattern Octave 3

#4 - Three Note Pattern - Major Scale Position 1

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