Music Scales Explained

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Major Scale vs Minor Pentatonic explained with SONG EXAMPLES!

Major scale - white keys - 8 notes

Pleasant melodies, nursery rhymes, tuneful

e.g. Happy Birthday, Ode To Joy, Let It Be

Minor pentatonic - black keys - 5 notes - Pent

Darker, Bluesy, play ground chanting, thematic

e.g. Hey Joe, Another one bites the dust,

We can expand on this…

Major scale/ Minor scale

Same notes, just depends which you start on

Both are very melodic whether it is in a major or minor key. e.g. Let it go/ 7 years

Minor Pentatonic/ blues scale/ Dorian Mode, Hybrid Blues scale

All have the same underlying notes as the Minor Pentatonic

All have this same Darker, bluesy or thematic/ catchy aspect to them

See all the songs you can play in my Scales Series here!

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