Rock Rhythm 01 - Introduction

Welcome to this Rock Rhythm guitar Course!

Andy's brand new Rock Rhythm Guitar Course is at an Improver to Intermediate Level and includes;

  • 14 lessons give you all the essential Rock techniques with short riff examples every step of the way.
  • 12 audio jam tracks that you can play along to to test and demonstrate your new rock rhythm playing abilities! 
  • Full TAB and a complete video tutorial for each of the 12 jam tracks!
  • Nearly 7 hours of HD guitar tutorial videos in total!

Ten of the jam tracks are the same audio tracks that are included in my Lead Guitar Course. The idea being, here we learn how to play them, and there you learn how to improvise lead guitar solos over them in this newly structured Rock guitar learning pathway. Jam tracks 11 and 12 are brand new and are in the Classic Rock and 50s Rock 'n' Roll genres.

Andy's new Rock guitar syllabus goes from Beginner to Intermediate level in all Rock styles with the following courses;

Still wondering if this course is for you?

Around 5 minutes into the video above, I talk about and demo the 'minimum requirement' for this course. If you like this and can do it (after a little practice) then this course is for you.

This course does not replace my main Beginner > Improver > Intermediate syllabus, and does presume you are comfortable with at least all Beginner level skills.. What is does is provide an in depth look at the Rock genres for those who wish to specialise or dig deeper into this area of playing.

Any further questions? Contact Andy directly via the Contact or messages page.

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