Lesson 1 - Supercharge your lead playing with these rhythms

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Sam Bell Bootcamp - Jam Track 1 - 80s Style

In this video

In this first lesson, Sam explains how to use different subdivisions of the beats in a bar to use for our picking technique. This includes switching from 8th note picking to 16th note picking.

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Lesson aims -

  • Work around a melodic patterns using 8th and 16th note subdivision with alternate picking

  • Switch fluidly between two subdivisions

Exercise - A7 and G Backing Track

Over 8 bars in the backing track, learn the melodic pattern that fits with the track and focus on picking evenly. Especially with the 16th note picking, try to feel each stroke so notes are articulate in the intended way.

By tapping your foot on the main beats (1,2,3,4), try to make a positive connection on the first beat of each 16th note group. This helps with timing and keeping an evenly spaced gap between each picked note.

Listen out for and lock-in with the drums on this track. The kick drum, hi-hats and snare, will help most for keeping solid timing.

Next Up: Lesson 2 - Become a triple threat lead player with triplets

Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.

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