Shergold Masquerader Guitar Demo & Review

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Here's a demo and reveiw of the guitar I've been playing for the past 6 months or so - it's a Shergold Masquerader SM03!

Shergold have been making high end quirky guitars since the late 60s and got in the hands of a few British bands such as Joy Division, New Order and Genesis among others.

They closed down production in the 90s after one of the founders of the company passed away. However, they have recently started producing new guitars again after new ownership. These 'Masquerader' guitars are desdigned by guitar luthier supremo James Patric Eggle, who also designed the Faith Guitars that I also endorse. 

One thing I forgot to mention was the lock in tuners. Tuners are not the most sexy feature on a guitar, but it's worth noting that these are smooth and fantastic!

To summarises, this is a premium guitar but it isn't for everybody. The styling will put some off, but if you can get around that, there's loads to like about this guitar