Supercharge Your String Bending - Lead Guitar Lesson

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In this lesson we're going to look at applying basic intervals to string bending. When we bend a note we need to decide what pitch to bend to, and we can use intervals to help make that choice.

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Bending notation

This is the notation used for bends. The distance between notes is measured in "tones". One semitone is a distance of one note (e.g. C to C#), and one tone is a distance of 2 notes (e.g. C to D). The numbers above the notation show how far a note should be bent, so in this diagram we have a 1 fret bend (half a tone or one semitone), a 2 fret bend (one tone or two semitones) and a 3 fret bend (one and a half tones or three semitones).

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