Chart Hits of 2018 // Songwriting Analysis

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The discussion of whether guitar music is dying out is one of hot debate this year.

In my opinion, songs with a prominent guitar part can be found in the top 10 on Spotify and any main pop chart from any week of this year and previous years.

In this video I will show you one of the trends that can be found in many hit songs of 2018. See the songs examples with links to TAB under the video!

Stratocaster in this video

Song examples include;

Eastside by benny blanco (taught in video at 6:00)

IDGAF by Dua Lipa video tutorial and TAB link

In My Blood by Shaun Mendez video tutorial link 

Wolves by Selina Gomez video tutorial and TAB link

30 Seconds to Mars TAB link

Happier by Marshmello (taught in video at 8:18)

Chord shapes and theory (neck diagrams to be added soon)

Root 6 major and minor chord shapes.

We call these 'root 6' because they have the root note aka the bass note of the chord. these can be moved up or down the fretboard to play any major or minor chord.

Root 5 major and minor chord shapes.

Same as above but with the root not on string 5

Root 4 major and minor chord shapes.

Yes, we can even use these cool sounding chord shapes.