Two Awesome SINGING TIPS I Learned From Elizabeth Zharoff aka 'The Charismatic Voice'

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Many people who follow my lessons have a dream of being able to play and sing their favourite songs really well. I want to do everything I possibly can to support that goal.

I am therefore proud to announce we have a singing course by professional singing teacher and YouTube superstar Elizabeth Zharoff aka Youtube's The Charismatic Voice now LIVE HERE

As part of this course, I had a 1 to 1 video lesson with Elizabeth to the methods she teaches can be applied to real songs right away.

There were two massive tips that she shared in this lesson that really benefitted me. I want to share these with you now in the hope that they benefit you too.

To find out what they are - watch the video below!

The full course is available only as part of the new AAA membership.

> Click here to learn more this course

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