La Bamba AND Twist And Shout (Ukulele)

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Here's how to play two songs, La Bamba and Twist And Shout, on Ukulele!

Here we'll use the chords C major, F major and G major for both songs plus two strumming patterns, which will enable us to play the songs. The video below includes a full song demo - so be sure to play along!

Before we start, take a look here at how we can tune the Ukulele! Here are the notes below:

  • String 4 - G

  • String 3 - C

  • String 2 - E

  • String 1 - A

Chords - Fretboard finger positions

Optional extra for Beatles solo section

From our F major chord, as shown above, we can lift off our first finger to the open string 2.

Although this is an A minor chord, the actual musical function here is more for a melodic purpose.

Between everything we've done so far chord changes wise, we can also introduce some completely open string playing. It is subtle, as shown in the video, but adds some extra fluidity to our playing in this song.

Strumming pattern tips

  • Secure the Ukulele against your body on the inside of the elbow

  • Use the side of the fretting hand to support the neck of the Ukulele for chord playing changes

  • Try the quicker 8th note strums on the G major chord

Jam with Springsteen!

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Need more help than this video provides? Check out Andy's comprehensive online Ukulele Course here!

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