Ukulele's for Beginners // Which should you buy?

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Ukulele's are popular and fun instruments, but many beginner Uke's can feel like more of a toy than an instrument...

In this video, I give a quick guide to what you should look out for at the different price points and showcase a few of my favorites!

Massive thanks to the guys at GAK in Brighton for having me in their store and letting me demo these beautiful Uke's

See which Uke's were featured in the video using the links below!

Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele Natural LINK
Gretsch G9100 Soprano Standard Ukulele LINK

Eastman EU3S Soprano Ukulele, Mahogany LINK

If you're new to this website and want free Ukulele lessons - check out my 10 Day Ukulele Starter Course here!

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