What To Practice On Guitar When Time Is Limited

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Most of us live busy lives, so it would be great to know what to practice on guitar to get the maximum benefit, to progress faster in a shorter space of time.

But what should we focus on when our time is limited?

Here I share some thoughts on this matter. See more help and further video links below the video further down this page!

Practicing guitar: Minimum vs maximum benefit

The main theme here is that there are things we can practice on guitar that work on all aspects of our playing (maximum benefit) and things that don't (minimum benefit)

Minimum benefit

  • Finger tapping e.g. play fast but doesn’t work on your picking at all

  • Just practicing chord changes alone for hours and not working on strumming/ rhythm or songs at the same time

Maximum benefit

  • Practicing chord changes within a sequence with strumming = works on almost everything! 

  • single string picking and arpeggios

When you have less time

Practice a few songs and dexterity/ mechanics of playing/ chord changes etc. 

I HIGHLY recommend checking out my Electric Starter Course if you haven't already!

When you DO have bags of time

When you have more time, say an hour most days (I regularly did 2 hours most days when I was learning) ADD; ear training, working songs out by ear, add scale and theory knowledge and learn a broad range of songs in different genres.

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