You can play guitar!

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“If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

Marty Mcfly

My biggest inspiration for picking up a guitar is the scene from the movie Back To The Future where Marty plays the song Johnny B. Goode on a red Gibson ES345 guitar. When I think back, that is my earliest memory of wanting to play, even if, at the time as a 6 year old- doing anything of the sort was a distant fantasy.

Me 2 years guitar

I tried many instruments throughout my school years, but none of them compared to the electric guitar.

However, I was put off learning guitar time and time again because I thought it was too cool for me, because my fingers hurt, I thought my hands were too small and I couldn’t see how practicing Polly Wally Doodle in school lessons would allow me to reach my goal of playing like Marty. However, with a love for the music itself and support from my family, I kept at it, kept my goals alive- and I’ve now achieved many of them!

From reading your comments and emails, it seems that my videos have acted as inspiration for some people, for they have taught them to play something where other lessons or teachers have failed. Whatever your inspiration is, make it as big and bold in your mind as you can, and simply remind yourself of it as often as possible.

It works for me.

All the best in your guitar playing journey!