B7 - 06 Old School 12 Bar Blues in E

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12 Bar Blues in E Chord Sequence

12 Bar Blues in E Chord Sequence

You need to learn a song that is a 12 bar blues in E. You can do Sweet Home Chicago as it is the same guitar wise, but Before You Accuse Me is a lot slower- so better to learn that one first! You should also consider Heartbreak Hotel if you like these songs and the style of guitar as it has a cool easy guitar solo in it!

Other Essential songs for Level 7

Sitting on the dock of the bay

This has more chords than most songs including the crucial G to B7 chord change. It is also very Jazz sounding, largely because there are so many chords in the song, all of which are major! You can choose to learn Stand by me by Oasis as an alternative

Hotel California

A student favourite, lots of chord changes and most people feel that what they play sounds very like the record. Hey Jude is also another option if you’re a fan of the Beatles and/ or a good sing a long!!