Play 26 SONGS with 4 CHORDS! Part 2 songs 1 to 6

So you've probably come across some kind of 4 chord song video before such as the axis of awesome or 23 songs- 4 chords- 100 songs 4 chords! And they're very funny and entertaining.

BUT very few of them take into account the key of the original song, which can be misleading if you try to play it on guitar.

SO I'm gonna show you 7 songs that you can play in the Key of G, with a bar of each chord. This is the easiest way to play a 4 chord song.

The chords are;

4 Chord song sequence 1- a bar of each

|G                |D             |Em              |C

All the songs have these chords in that same order; some for the whole song, sometimes just for a verse or chorus. I'm going to show you them with any relevant capo number, strumming pattern, plus chord sheet so you can play along to the original song!


I also missed out Your beautiful by James Blunt, which is capo 8th fret with these same chords! :D

26 Songs with G,D,Em and C <<< Click for songs and chords as free pdf

See the videos below for a more detailed run through each group of songs!